La cheffe

At only 26 years old, this child from the Loire country is wearing the white jacket of the Table d’à Côté, 1 Michelin star.
After graduating in 2013 from THE CFA Médéric, she took her first apprentiship classes at Les Fables de la Fontaine restaurant (Paris 7th), before continuing her experience among the most beautiful Parisian cuisines. From Pré-Catelan to the Elysée Palace, via the Epicure restaurant at The Bristol Hotel, his career is rich.
Today, it will be with commitment and creativity that it will achieve its new goals.

A duty of

We are more than a team, we are a family. Here, everybody gets involved it is our strength!

It’s what Christophe and Emmanuelle Hay establish with in their teams. The star chef always wished to pass on them its values, respect values of mens, products, materials, environment which were inculcated to him during his 5 years crossed in Paul Bocuse’s side. Since these few years when his collaborators follow him and stay involved seriously.

Today he gives them the possibility of accompagying them in their willingness to undertake.